Amz channel strategy

Both sales via Amazon Seller and via Amazon Vendor have their justification. Both channels have their advantages and disadvantages. What does this mean for you?

Which channel is right for your business? Seller, Vendor, or maybe just both: the much-debated "hybrid strategy"?
Among Faru's experts are former Amazon Vendor Managers, as well as Marketplace Account Managers. We know the options on both sides and how to get the best for your business.

We can help you decide which channel is best to launch through or evaluate whether your current strategy is right for you.

How we work

We analyse your internal processes as well as your direct market environment and derive a tailor-made concept for your company based on these data points and our many years of very complex Amazon experience.

Factors that can be considered:

  • Logistics - can you ship to end customers yourself? Are your products suitable for shipping through Amazon?
  • Customer service - can it be provided internally?
  • Pricing - the market influences the selling price. However, as a vendor or seller, there are different strategies and impacts on profitability.
  • Brand registration - has this been done on Amazon and through which channel?
  • Inventory levels - when transitioning from one strategy to another, the ranges of current inventory levels must be factored in.
  • ... and many more.
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What you get

An evaluation of the ideal sales approach for your company, based on internal processes and goals
An analysis of your current financial ratios, profitability and a comparison to the competition
A pricing strategy adapted to your portfolio and market
A definition of the ideal marketing strategy for your brand
... and much more - tailored to your needs.


With the help of Amazon tips and tricks and years of experience of our experts, we will design your Amazon presence perfectly, making your life easier and more relaxed.


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