AmZ Full Service Management

For all companies that prefer to outsource their marketplace business, Faru offers a full service package. We have been operating a sales platform for almost 10 years with which we are represented on the top online marketplaces in Europe. Our team has extensive knowledge in the efficient management of online sales channels or online marketing strategies. With us, you receive an end-to-end solution and can be sure that we will successfully represent your product portfolio as well.

How we work

Together with our partners, we have built a fully integrated platform solution through which you can sell your items on the following Amazon marketplaces:,,,,,, and

This gives you a reach of almost 150 million end customers per month.

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What you get

Everything you also get at Amazon Marketplace Management, ONLY ...
... that you do not need a vendor and / or seller account, but that we sell your items across Europe via our platform.


By using the Faru Full Service Platform, you can scale your reach to several million new end customers within a very short time. And without any noticeable additional work for your company.


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