AmZ ASIN reactivation

Blocked ASINs regularly cause sellers headaches. In most cases, the reasons for the blocking are simple and can be resolved relatively quickly. We start by analysing the causes and support you in reactivating your ASINs - including the concrete creation of effective action plans that can be submitted directly to Amazon.

What you can do now

  • Request reactivation yourself
    Of course, you can contact Amazon yourself, but it may take some time until you find the right contact person and they get back to you. Especially in case of an ASIN blocking every minute counts.
  • Get a lawyer involved
    An understandable thought, after all, your livelihood is at stake. However, the legal process also involves Amazon's legal department, which means that weeks or even months can pass before your ASINs are released for sale again.
  • Assign Faru
    We have already taken care of these cases during our time as Amazon employees. We are familiar with the internal Amazon processes and know what needs to be done at what point in time and what a corresponding action plan needs to look like in order for the ASIN to be unlocked again.

How we work

With our multi-layered Amazon expertise, we support you in quickly reactivating your Amazon ASINs. We know what is important for a successful action plan and use this knowledge in your case in a goal-oriented manner. Our direct contacts with Amazon also help us to find a solution even in the case of stubborn blockings.

And best of all: our remuneration is predominantly success-based!

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What you get

You get a permanent Amazon expert, because "We are a team, not a tool".
We carry out a root cause analysis for you
We show you the right ways to reactivate your ASIN again
We support you in creating an effective and solution-oriented action plan to reactivate your ASIN
Through our direct contact with Amazon, we have the possibility to escalate particularly difficult cases.


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In cooperation with FARU, we were able to increase our sales by +260% compared to the previous year. In close exchange with FARU, we perfected our product availability and optimization measures in the content led to a 10% better conversion rate. FARU pushed traffic by 466% through AMS campaigns. The expansion of our EU presence contributed to growth with another +1,668%. was the expansion of our Amazon EU presence. Recently, we are tackling the US marketplace with FARU and are looking forward to a strong result!


Stefan Flüs, Founder and Managing Director

We have been working with the experts from Faru for about a year and we are very satisfied with the cooperation. The experts show their skills especially with tasks that need to be solved quickly, such as reactivating ASINs that have been blocked by Amazon for various reasons. In addition, the constant exchange with regard to the Amazon channel is a real added value. After every conversation you are always a little smarter and have a new idea on how to optimize your e-commerce business.


Ondrej Hradec, Head of E-Commerce

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