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our amazon campaign optimisation achieves more sales with less costs

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What we have done

By integrating relevant, generic keywords into the campaign structure, campaign revenue increased by an average of around +32.7% in April compared to March 2020 and the ACoS was reduced by -671bps. As early as February, Faru saw a decline in competition on isolated generic keywords. This trend has increased sharply since Amazon's restrictions on its own logistics (around mid-March). The reasons for this can be manifold (e.g. availability problems) and are therefore difficult to define in detail.

Faru approach

In the context of the restrictions in Amazon's own logistics, Faru has noticed that the competition on relevant generic keywords has decreased. Faru has taken advantage of this situation and reintegrated keywords that were switched off in January for economic reasons into the campaigns.


Campaign turnover increase
671 bps
ACoS optimisation
CPC optimisation
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