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As a comprehensive Amazon SEO agency, we at Faru help you with your Amazon optimization! Our Faru SEO experts will expand your Amazon seller account into an international, professional Amazon store.

Amazon SEO agencies, or AMZ SEO agencies for short, are companies that specialize in optimizing product pages on the Amazon platform. We help you make your products more visible by ensuring that your listings comply with Amazon's search algorithms and contain relevant keywords.

This is what we can do for you as Amazon SEO agency

Successful Amazon SEO optimization includes several aspects, including:

  • Choosing the right category
  • The creation of an appealing product description
  • The use of important keywords
  • The right structure and length for the product title
  • The use of high quality product images

At Faru, we help you identify and implement these aspects to improve the ranking of your products on Amazon.

Amazon SEO work in detail

Our SEO optimization ensures you technically high-quality texts without making them look unnatural or posed.

Keyword research

One of the most important tasks of our Amazon SEO agency is keyword research. Thus, we identify the most relevant and most frequently searched keywords for your product and make sure that they are included in the right places. This helps to place the product higher in the search queries on Amazon for potential buyers.

Optimized store page

Another important aspect of optimization is the product description. An appealing and informative product description helps the product to be displayed higher and therefore sold more often. Our Faru Amazon SEO agency will create appealing product descriptions for you and ensure that all relevant keywords and information are included.

In addition, there is the use of high-quality product images. We help you select professional product images that present your product from the best side and thus arouse the interest of Amazon customers.

Stay Up2Date

It is important to note that product page optimization is a continuous process that requires regular adjustments. At Faru, we monitor your Amazon store to ensure that the product portfolio continues to be found and rank well.

Create a brand image

A strong brand increases the likelihood that potential customers will buy your product and recommend it to others. We help you strengthen your brand by using corporate design and branding elements in product listings. This leads to increased brand awareness and brand recognition.

Sales figures and ratings

Also important for a good ranking on Amazon are the sales figures and the reviews. Once your product is well placed on Amazon, reviews are relevant, which can be built up via the Amazon Vine program, for example. These also lead to a better ranking and increased visibility on Amazon.

Competitive analysis

As an Amazon SEO agency, we analyze and understand what strategies competitors use and can evaluate how successful the applied strategies run. In this way, measures can be taken quickly to improve your own visibility and ranking.


Another element of our AMZ SEO is the use of backlinks. Quality backlinks help to improve the ranking of your product. This can be achieved by creating quality content, using social media or collaborating with other companies.

Increase sales and profit margins

Optimizing your product listing and increasing visibility can increase the number of sales, resulting in higher revenue.At the same time, we help you reduce costs by identifying the most efficient strategies to increase revenue and profit margins.

What does an Amazon SEO agency cost?

As a rule, Amazon and also SEO agencies calculate from 40 to 120 EUR per hour, depending on the experience level of the employees.

We at Faru offer you package prices. Thanks to our full service, you can put together your individual package from various building blocks, for which we will provide you with an individual and fair offer.

Experienced partners at your side

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces in the world, where inexperienced sellers quickly get lost in guidelines. With us on your side, you have experienced partners to help you implement your ideas. It is important to know Amazon's rules and guidelines and make sure to stay within them. This is the only way to make sure there are no performance problems, while at the same time making full use of all potentials.

With Faru as Amazon SEO agency to success

As an Amazon agency, we take care of all aspects of Amazon. This applies from Amazon consulting to Sponsored Brands and Display Ads. With our experience and skills we help you to successfully implement your idea and create an individual product page with unique content management and the latest SEO know-how.

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No matter what entrepreneurial situation you are currently in, whether Amazon startup or established brand, we help you from the first steps and plan together with you.

Contact us by phone at 089 124 136 450 or by e-mail at and arrange your free and non-binding initial consultation as soon as possible!


Amazon became more and more independent as a result of its growth. This gave rise to its own algorithms. Here we take hold as Amazon agency and take over the entire spectrum around Amazon. Outside of Amazon, there are own stores or websites for which SEO consultants are suitable.

An SEO consultant is more responsible for their own area. This includes websites, online stores or generally better placements on the net. This is not the case with Amazon, since most customers search for products via the platform itself and not via a search engine.

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