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How to improve or optimize your Amazon ranking

Amazon is the number one online sales platform. But it is often difficult for sellers to give their products visibility in the multitude of offers. An important role is played by the position at which products are displayed in the Amazon search - in other words, how good the Amazon ranking of the items is. Learn here how the Amazon ranking comes about and how you can improve your Amazon ranking.

What is Amazon Ranking?

Amazon ranking is the term used to describe the placement of products on the Amazon site. When Amazon users search for a particular product, highly ranked items are displayed first, while lower-ranked products appear on the next search results pages. As with Google ranking, it is of course desirable for sellers that their product is displayed first and not those of the competition. After all, the better the ranking, the more likely it is that potential buyers will click on your product and then buy it. Therefore, it is recommended for sellers to optimize the Amazon ranking of their products.

Improve Amazon Ranking: Influence of the Amazon A9 algorithm

Basically, it can be said that Amazon ranks highly articles that are considered relevant. This relevance is calculated by the Amazon A9 algorithm. It determines the order in which products are presented to buyers on Amazon. The higher the ranking algorithm estimates the probability that the customer will buy a product when he enters a certain search term, the better the offer will rank. To do this, Amazon's algorithm uses performance factors and relevance factors. Sellers have an influence on the latter in particular and can thus improve their Amazon ranking by building their offers according to the requirements of the Amazon A9 algorithm.

Improve Amazon ranking through on-page and off-page SEO

To improve the Amazon ranking, buyers should deal with On- and Offpage-SEO. Onpage-SEO, also Amazon-MPO (marketplace optimization), means the optimization within the offer to the ranking algorithm of Amazon. Important here are the so-called relevance factors such as product title or description.

In off-page SEO, Amazon ranking is improved by having external sites such as blogs refer to products via affiliate links and more potential customers access the item via backlinks.

You should pay attention to these relevance factors to improve / optimize your Amazon ranking

In the context of onpage optimization, the relevance factors are designed to improve the Amazon ranking. We will take a closer look at some of these relevance factors and their influence on the Amazon ranking here.

Product title

Already the product title has an influence on the Amazon ranking. By strategically using certain keywords that often appear in connection with the product title, you can improve the Amazon ranking. For this, a keyword research should be carried out with professional tools. In the best case, the product title mentions the brand, name or product type, if applicable, type or model number, color, size, material and properties of the product.

In any case, you should avoid merely stringing keywords together. The product title should encourage purchase and must not exceed the maximum length specified in Amazon's style guide. Otherwise, the ranking will deteriorate or your offer will even be blocked.

Bullet Points

The bullet points, which can be displayed with each offer, have a similar influence on the Amazon ranking as the product title. Here, too, the most important keywords should be placed in a reader-friendly way in order to optimize the Amazon ranking. Since this information is the basis for the purchase decision for many buyers, keywords should not simply be strung together here either. Non-compliance with the style guide will also lead to ranking losses here. The bullet points, which are usually five in number, should not exceed 1,000 characters in total, i.e. 200 characters per bullet point.


In the backend of the sales listing, you can store relevant keywords in the "General search terms" or "General keywords" field to optimize Amazon ranking. These terms are not visible to buyers, but help to generate accurate search results. It is best to use keywords here that are not yet placed in the listing, add typical spelling mistakes, generally alternative spellings or translate keywords into other languages.


High-quality product photos not only have a positive influence on the purchase decision, but also improve the Amazon ranking. The images should be high resolution (i.e. at least 1000 x 1000 pixels) so that the zoom function can be used.

Product description

The product description has only a limited influence on the Amazon ranking. In the best case, relevant keywords should already be stored in the title, in the bullet points and in the backend. Because whether keywords in the product description improve the Amazon ranking is controversial. So make the product description customer-friendly above all and use the space to convince visitors to the page to buy. A short FAQ is also recommended, as this increases customer friendliness and has a positive effect on the Amazon ranking.

Choice of product category

The choice of product category is not only relevant for potential buyers to find items, but also affects the ranking. Products that do not fit into the category are ranked lower. In addition, the chances of a good ranking are naturally better if only a few items are listed in the category.

Other relevance factors

In addition to the mentioned relevance factors, return rate, availability and shipping costs can also have an impact on the ranking. If the return rate is high, the product is constantly sold out, or shipping costs are expensive, Amazon may rank the offer lower because these factors are not customer-friendly.

Improve Amazon ranking through performance

In addition to the relevance factors, the performance of articles also has an influence on the Amazon ranking. This ultimately means: He who has, will be given. If an article is frequently clicked on, purchased and positively rated, Amazon will naturally list it at the top of search queries. Nevertheless, you have at least some possibility to influence the performance in order to optimize the Amazon ranking.

Click-through rate

The click-through rate (CTR) indicates how often an article was clicked on. Articles that are clicked on frequently are ranked better because they are presumably of interest to customers. There is little you can do to influence organic clicks. However, you can improve your click-through rate and thus your Amazon ranking by having blogs or other websites link to your product via affiliate links as part of a PPC campaign.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate measures how many views have led to a product purchase. It is one of the most important performance factors for the Amazon ranking. A high conversion rate improves the Amazon ranking. If article calls never or only rarely lead to a purchase, the ranking deteriorates. You can increase your conversion rate with a good product description and an attractive price.

Customer reviews

Products that are frequently rated very well rank better on Amazon. With a detailed and honest product description, you can prevent disappointments and thus avoid negative reviews. Via Amazon Vine, you can make your items available to product testers, who in return write a review. This way you can increase the number of reviews. Of course, sellers who make their items available to product testers free of charge via Amazon Vine do not have a right to a positive review.


The price influences the performance of the product. A high price can negatively influence the ranking, if similar items are offered significantly cheaper.

Influence of direct and factors on Amazon ranking

In Amazon SEO, in addition to relevance and performance factors, a distinction is also made in the categories, direct and indirect ranking factors. Direct ranking factors have a direct influence on the ranking. These include many relevance factors such as product title, bullet points, backend keywords, product category and delivery terms as well as performance factors such as click-through rate, conversion rate, sales frequency, return rate and seller ratings.

The indirect ranking factors in turn influence the direct factors. These include all factors that increase your sales chances such as sales price, prime shipping, images, videos, A+ content and positive customer reviews. If you are well positioned in these indirect factors, it is very likely that your sales quota or conversion rate and subsequently the Amazon ranking of your product will increase.

Improve / optimize Amazon ranking through promotions and Amazon FBA

In addition to organic reach optimization measures, Amazon Sellers can also use promotions to improve your Amazon ranking. Through promotions such as Amazon Lightning Deals, discount coupons or advertisements, you can increase the visibility of your products.

If you use Amazon shipping, i.e. Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), you can also achieve a better ranking. Amazon Prime customers can thus choose faster shipping, which has a positive effect on the conversion rate of your product. In addition, FBA products are preferred in the ranking on Amazon. Alternatively, there is "Prime by Seller" if you enjoy the same Prime rankings as FBA but want to handle the shipping yourself.

Conclusion: Improve Amazon ranking is possible

You see: There are numerous ways to optimize Amazon ranking. However, this requires time and knowledge about the Amazon Ranking Algorithm and professional keyword research to improve the organic Amazon ranking. The best way to optimize your Amazon ranking is to get support from a specialized agency like Faru. This way you invest sustainably in the visibility of your products and your success as an Amazon seller.

Frequently asked questions about Amazon ranking improve / optimize

Why is it important for merchants to optimize their Amazon ranking?

With a good Amazon ranking, your product will be displayed to more customers. This increased visibility ensures greater sales opportunities.

How does the Amazon ranking result?

The Amazon algorithm A9 calculates how relevant an article is for Amazon customers. For this purpose, the algorithm uses relevance and performance factors of listings.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO optimizes Amazon rankings by adjusting direct and indirect ranking factors to improve listing relevance and performance.

What factors can improve Amazon ranking?  

Direct factors such as product title, bullet points, backend keywords, click-through rate or conversion rate have an influence on the Amazon ranking, but also many indirect factors such as price, reviews and product images.

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