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Amazon PPC Agency: How Faru Services supports you

If you have become aware of the PPC principle, then read here how we, as an Amazon PPC agency, can help you become successful on Amazon.It doesn't matter at all whether you join as a seller, vendor or newbie. No matter what product you offer, each can be brought to the forefront. Since the context of Amazon marketing is complicated, it is good to work with our experts at Faru Services .

The advantage with us is that we offer you a full-service package. In a well thought-out marketing mix, many advertising strategies are combined and advertisements are placed to get the maximum out of it and become successful. As an Amazon PPC agency, we help you to organize and structure everything precisely.

The first contact with an Amazon PPC agency

After an initial meeting with us, the so-called kick-off meeting, we first take care of the analysis of your data. The data of your business will be thoroughly checked in order to provide you with a result of what the current status is. Based on your status quo, a holistic strategy for your product range will be developed. Your customized or new campaigns are then created and launched in Seller Central or Vendor Central. Then it's time to keep an eye on everything, continue to analyze and optimize on a regular basis so that there is a steady growth in revenue while optimizing your costs. You get permanent insight into your figures, e.g. campaign revenue, ROAS and ACoS, and are regularly informed about the current status.

Choose the right campaign type

The most popular campaign type is PPC. This is the abbreviation for pay-per-click and means that payment is only required once the ad has actually been clicked on. There are significant distinctions in the various campaigns. They are divided into sponsored product, sponsored brands and sponsored display. While Sponsored Brands can only be used by brand owners, the other two types are accessible to all sellers.

The special feature of Sponsored Brands is that the brand must be listed in the Amazon Brand Registry in order to be able to place self-designed ads. The ads are then displayed at the very side or at the very top. With Sponsored Products, the goal is to shine with your products on the search results page. While with Sponsored Display ads, it's about integrating ads on other websites and drawing customers' attention to your products.


Through the cooperation with Amazon service agencies, respectively SEO agencies and marketing agencies, you receive support for your individual Amazon marketing, especially in the areas of Amazon Advertising and Amazon SEO. It does not matter whether it is a start-up, a small and medium-sized business or a corporation. Our Amazon Marketing Agency can help anyone with the start of sales on the largest marketplace in Germany or its optimization. From setting up a seller account on Amazon to customer service, we can assist you with our team in Germany for both your national and international sales.

We can help you succeed with many services and strategies. For this purpose, we work with professional software. The set goals are thus achieved faster, the sale of the products increased and accelerated, so that you are successful on Amazon.

Since Amazon is very versatile and can cause complications, there are teams in our Amazon agency that will advise you at any time on all topics related to selling on Amazon. You will be offered a package that is customized to your exact needs, whether you are already a seller or a vendor on the Amazon marketplace. We help you to create a concept. There you will be shown the right way to find a solution, under analyses of your current key figures and comparisons to the market. Based on these analyses, we will propose measures for the best possible optimization.

Amazon PPC agency with full service - your advantages with Faru Services

PPC agencies like us, who offer full service, also take care of the important optimization of keywords in the PPC principle. Keywords that have been successfully analyzed and ads that have been well presented are the start to a breakthrough with your PPC campaigns on Amazon. We also take care of a perfectly designed product detail page for you, in order to attract customers directly to your products.

Like other Amazon PPC agencies, we are official partners of Amazon Advertising, which is ideal because with Amazon Advertising you can perfectly attract new customers. With Amazon Ads, you can put any product in the spotlight to boost your profits. By planning well in advance, you can control the ads, based on your budget, in a timed rhythm. Promotions and sales are taken into account.

Learn more about Amazon agency pricing here.

Qualitative analysis by the Amazon PPC agency you trust

Search and buying behavior as well as your brands are analyzed in detail. This allows us to open up strategies that will increase your profits permanently. There are many different strategies to choose from for this. With this, Amazon marketing goals are achieved and new customer groups are addressed.

The fact that there are different types of campaigns means that ads are also positioned in different popular places. Ads are important for various reasons. For example, they can be used to quickly draw attention to new products. With Amazon, everything is possible at once. Buy new products, sell, advertise.

To keep everything in view at all times, we provide you with personal contact persons. These experts will also show you your relevant key figures, such as traffic and conversion rate, i.e. how many visitors have already been in your store or on your product detail page and have become customers. Through a well-designed PPC campaign, we can also quickly improve your organic rankings, showing once again how important it is to work closely with our SEO experts.

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