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Your Amazon Experts

Account Management
for Amazon

We are a team, not a tool.

We create your holistic Amazon marketing strategy.

We manage your seller and/or vendor account.

We provide you with data-based recommendations for action.

Why Faru?

We speak from experience

We have concentrated Amazon expert knowledge. Former Amazonians from the vendor and marketplace area, as well as employees of successful merchants are part of the Faru Crew.

We give you time

We make your work easier so that you have time for the important issues. With us, you no longer search for answers, but get them to fit your situation.

We speak your language

We meet you at eye level. We explain instead of (just) advising. This enables us to pursue and achieve long-term goals together with you.

We live the Amazon DNA.

Use key figures and optimize business

More efficient advertising - better ROAS

Better processes and routines

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FARU - your reliable partner
on the way to the goal

We know how much time it takes to manage an Amazon account: Building knowledge, finding collaborators, always staying up to date...
At Faru, you have a whole team of experts at your disposal, with over 40 years of combined experience with Amazon. We have specialists in every necessary sub-area, be it logistics, internationalization or AMS / marketing campaigns. You get all this input bundled with a dedicated contact person.

We take over the holistic management of your vendor or seller central account, prepare regular reports on business development, recommend specific optimization measures based on our analyses, and manage your marketing campaigns. In doing so, we work hand in hand with your in-house teams.

WHAT you get

Amazon expert

You get a fixed contact person and a whole team with specialists for different areas in the background, because "We are a team, not a tool".


Regular meetings, a constantly updated project plan, chat and email support. You will always know what is happening when and why. We set the strategic direction together.

Data, data, data!

Amazon is always data-driven - and you can use that to your advantage. We regularly create reports on the most important key figures that are important for your business - from turnover and traffic to stock ranges and margin calculations.

Amazon marketing strategy

Together we define the ideal strategy for your marketing.
We set up, manage and constantly optimise the campaigns. And that over the entire product life cycle, both for product launches and established ASINs.


We monitor your "Account Health" and act early; ideally before an issue becomes dangerous. In the event of an account suspension, we are there for you. 24/7, even on weekends.

Ticket Management

Communication with Amazon is often a vexed issue. We speak the Amazon language and help you manage your Amazon tickets.

Pilot projects

Through our constant exchange with Amazon, we invite you to relevant pilot projects. Amazon does not sleep and we always keep you up to date!


We prepare all analyses as a decision-making basis for your business. You want to expand your portfolio? We support you with corresponding category analyses and recommendations. You want to position your brand better? No problem on the basis of our competition analyses and content checks.

How can we help you?

We can discuss without obligation what challenges you have and how we can support you.

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How we work

Our years of Amazon experience and our self-developed tools enable us to professionally manage your Amazon account and grow your business in Europe and worldwide. The focus of our optimization measures is always the end customer.
We continuously improve relevant input factors, such as:


Depending on the product, target group and competition, we help you find the right pricing strategy.


From the start of the supply chain to your on-site warehouse ranges, this planning guarantees your product availability.


Both portfolio optimization and selection expansion will help you move forward on Amazon.


The possibilities in the marketing mix on Amazon are enormous. Together, we define the right strategy for your assortment.

This includes not only the review of operational key figures, including profitability, but also the improvement of content or the campaign strategy. All the cogs mesh and thus lead to a successful overall result.

We also work closely with our internal consulting team and various departments at Amazon directly, which always provides our marketplace management team with the latest tips and tricks.

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Our Business Performance Dashboard
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Business Performance Dashboard

Traffic analysis

AMS Dashboard

Search Keyword Analysis

Business Performance Dashboard

Top Article Analysis

Business Performance Dashboard

Flop Article Analysis

Presentation: BAUMBAD

Our team has taken marketplace management off the hands of many companies.
Among them is our valued customer Baumbad Irrigation OÜ, with whom we have been working since 2020 to revolutionize tree irrigation and drive a wide variety of topics such as marketing, supply chain, profitability and content quality.

The fruits of our labor: growth of up to 260%.
The common goal: global Amazon expansion.

A+ banner, tree bath

Faru's Marketplace Management Service Compared to Amazon's 360 Degree Service

We are often asked why you should book our service and not the Amazon 360 Degree Service or AVS. The answer to that is actually quite simple: we do everything that is offered to you in the course of the Amazon 360 package as well, only that we also implement things and not just prescribe them. But see for yourself here what makes us different from Amazon's 360 Degree Service package:

Up to 100% of the tasks

We take over up to 100% of the tasks involved in the daily management of an Amazon account. This allows you to concentrate on your core competencies while Amazon professionals professionally develop your business.

Therefore: Before you expand your team, talk to us!
We are cheaper than a new employee, of course we have substitutes in case of illness and holidays and our know-how is always up to date! We will be happy to complement your team!

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