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We at Faru Services are an Amazon agency that bundles over 40 years of Amazon experience. And what we do with this experience? We help you and your business secure a place in the largest online marketplace of our time. You too can benefit from our Amazon consulting services.
With our full-service package, we help you from launching your Amazon presence, to growth strategies, to handling day-to-day business.
But even if you are already an experienced entrepreneur and want to outsource your daily tasks, we are the right partner at your side. According to the motto "We are a team, not a tool", we tailor strategies and campaigns for you in the context of Amazon consulting and bring your company forward.

Why do I need Amazon advice?

Sellers and vendors face many hurdles in the Amazon marketplace at the beginning. Without experienced Amazon experts, the best business ideas on Amazon can go under. To ensure that this does not happen to you, we work hand in hand with you and ensure the success of your company. But also already existing and successful companies can benefit from our support by having us as a sparring partner at eye level. Well over 100 projects have already been carried out with our help, in which we were able to contribute to the Europe-wide expansion of small and large retailers via Amazon.

Our services as Amazon Consulting

Our full-service package ensures that you do not have to deal with countless companies. With us, you have a team at your side that consists of specialists from each area. What this service package of Amazon Consulting consists of, you will learn below.

Full support from the beginning

Starting with your company's launch strategy, growth strategies and channeling optimizations, we help you build your place in the Amazon marketplace.

Support in day-to-day business

It's not just Amazon newbies who gain reach thanks to our Amazon consulting. From maintaining day-to-day operations to campaign management and growth strategies, we at Faru are by your side to achieve optimal results for you.

Amazon Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of any business. With the know-how of our Amazon experts, we initiate the optimal steps for you to improve your sales on Amazon. In doing so, we create strategies and campaigns for you and with you that help your business grow in size and success. We take care of every step in Amazon marketing for you and reach exactly the target groups you want to address. Furthermore, based on analyses we have created, we can evaluate the steps taken so far and thus develop further future plans with you. In this way, we ensure that your marketing budget is used optimally according to the key figures ROAS and ACoS.

Amazon SEO

We also have a team of experts to help you with SEO on Amazon. Through proper SEO page creation, your offered product will be displayed significantly higher in search results and thus become more successful. Our approach is to design you an entire brand image and stage it so that people want to have your product. The SEO aspect plays a major role here, because websites do not read texts, product descriptions, meta descriptions, etc. like humans do, but evaluate them based on various factors. The better the evaluation of the texts thereby turns out, the further up you are to be found on Amazon, whereby among other things many new customers are won.

Other services from Faru Services

At Faru, we offer comprehensive support for your business, and also take care of the day-to-day operations and the more troublesome sides of Amazon. However, because we are very familiar with the internal processes, we can resolve issues faster than most business owners can, and at a much lower cost than consulting a lawyer. Typical issues with Amazon include blocked ASINs or unlawfully blocked seller accounts. Yes, you could also take care of this yourself. However, our experience speeds up such processes many times over, because we are familiar with every step and know where to retrieve the necessary data.

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During the initial meeting, we can then decide together which strategy is right for you and what level of support is appropriate for you.
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