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Amazon has managed to become the largest online marketplace in the world. New companies and Amazon sellers often have a hard time keeping up in the global market. Working with an Amazon agency offers many advantages. As an Amazon agency, we take care of pricing, online marketing, Amazon advertisements (also on other social media platforms), Amazon SEO and much more. Our full service management and a selection of variable service packages offers you a wide choice about which services you want to use.
With us, you will encounter over 40 years of experience with Amazon from all angles. In addition, we always stay up to date with advanced training. That is why we are the right partners for you and your company.

Amazon Agency Prices - Content Service

Our content creation is modular. As a customer, you can book texts, images, content created for your brand and translations individually or in combination as packages. This can be done according to your wishes both with and without upload.

Amazon Agency Prices: Example package

Our service offerings are bookable in different packages. Here you can find a sample package with possible contents that are available for you to improve your position on the Amazon marketplace.
For your customized service package, you can also compile the services individually into a package.

Amazon Agency Prices for Basic Content

We create the basic content for your Amazon account and design your personal brand store. In addition, other services are available for you.


Creative titles that clearly describe your product and give the buyer a clear idea of what they are about to buy.

Bullet Points

In short, easy-to-understand bullet points, we clearly summarize the information about your product so that your customer can quickly make a purchase decision.


Often misinformation or even incomprehensible sentences can be found in the product descriptions of certain items. We create your product detail page in its entirety and present your product to customers the way you want.


Especially in Amazon SEO, keywords are an important component. The search algorithm looks for keywords that are related to the searched word. Thus, this recognizes whether the suggested hits were actually searched for. Our SEO team builds your store page so that the algorithm and also customers can easily read the page and it appears high up in the search results.

Amazon agency prices for A+ content

We guarantee the highest quality results in each of our service areas. That's why we can also proudly document a 95 percent re-booking rate for our service.

From 600,00 € per ASIN

The price is based on the services you want to use. The basic price is 600 EUR. This investment will be worthwhile for you in any case.
Often there are synergies between products, so that, for example, the same A+ content fits several articles of a product family.
In other cases, however, the listing can become more complex, for example, if an article is offered in different variants (color, size or style).Therefore, we are happy to create an individual offer in the context of a consultation, which is tailored to your assortment and you can benefit maximally from the cooperation with our Amazon agency.

Amazon Agency Prices: Marketplace Management

In this long-term partnership we work with a fixed amount and a variable. Depending on how many and which countries we manage, we are priced at:
A fixed fee from 1,250 EUR per month
A variable from 0.5% of the Amazon turnover


We offer our consulting projects in different scopes. Each collaboration is different and so the prices of Amazon Consulting also vary.
We calculate the effort on the basis of the number of person-days necessary to achieve the project goal; and on the basis of a daily rate, which varies according to the seniority of the responsible consultants.
The daily rates range from 560.00 EUR to 1,600.00 EUR. In case of cooperation, we will prepare an individual offer based on the services you have chosen.

About us - The Amazon agency worth its price

Many members of our team have already worked for several years in management positions at Amazon and know the internal processes, the merchant environment and also the supplier environment. In addition, successful merchants in the Amazon marketplace also work with us.
In order to share our experience and offer an opportunity to others, we have specialized as a team with the necessary know-how to promote brands and companies across Europe on Amazon.

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