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As an Amazon agency in Munich, we support local companies in their online presence and growth. Especially in sales via Amazon, sellers and vendors often face hurdles in the beginning. That is exactly why we are here for you.

Your way to a successful Amazon Seller - With the help of your Amazon Agency Munich

Amazon is the largest online marketplace and is now so crowded that new businesses have to struggle to find their way to successful sales. For this reason, we are completely at your side with the necessary know-how and our Amazon Marketplace Management.

About us

Our team is composed of specialists who have knowledge of all areas necessary for your project. In addition, we have the experience of employees to leaders of Amazon. We want to share this insight with you so that you can become successful with your idea.

Our service - Your Amazon Agency Munich

With the full service package of our Amazon Agency Munich you don't have to worry about anything. We will work with you to develop a holistic strategy, optimize it and evaluate the last steps in regular meetings to design new plans for the future.
In the process, your entire Amazon presence will be optimized. Tasks like Amazon PPC, Amazon SEO, Amazon Content, Amazon Advertising and other Amazon marketing opportunities likeDisplay Ads, Coupons or Amazon Vine will be distributed internally to our specialist groups. This allows us to guarantee maximum performance in each area. For this, you do not have to deal with countless partners, but receive all services from a single source.

Our services as Amazon Agency Munich

We offer a wide range of services that can be booked individually, in packages or as an all-round service.

Our Content Service

With our content service, we have been able to achieve an average of 20 percent more page views for our clients and increase the conversion rate by ten percent.
Our service includes a meaningful product detail page for your offers, which is optimized with individual images and videos. In addition, we can design an authentic brand store for you on request - to match your product!
It is important to us that your product is in the foreground. That's why we create a consistent brand identity for you, to give your products more recognition value. So far, we have been able to record a re-booking rate of over 95 percent. For you, as a supplier, this means that we create an optimized product detail page for you and that all questions are answered by yourself for the end customer when he buys your product.

Our Full Service Package

As an Amazon Seller, you have a tough road ahead of you. From booking a marketing agency, advertising via social media, Amazon advertisements, to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA). Not with us. In our full service package you get all services from one source.
As Amazon Agency Munich, we take over up to 100 percent of the tasks that are necessary for the daily management of your Amazon account. You can therefore fully focus on your own core competencies while we professionally develop your business. This includes, among other things, the so-called "Account Health". We ensure the ideal performance of your account. To this end, we are available for you around the clock, even on weekends.
It is important for us to function not just as a tool, but as a team. As your team, we work transparently and reliably. We share the latest results, goals and challenges on mutually agreed-upon coordination days.
Thanks to our close cooperation with Amazon, we are also able to keep you informed about upcoming pilot projects, new features, etc. Based on this, we are also happy to consider the next business steps together with you.
By your side, we will create ideal strategies for your marketing in connection with AMS and PPC campaigns(Amazon PPC Agency). In addition, we know how exhausting communication with Amazon can be, so we can assist with tips and tricks on how to deal with the seller service in the easiest way. We also create regular reports and have the most important key figures for you at a glance. For example, margin calculations and stock range as well as sales and traffic are mapped. Based on the evaluations of the reports, we then provide you with analyses from which you can make further decisions for your company. This includes, based on content checks and analyses of competitors, a detailed category analysis and recommendations regarding topics such as brand placement.

We have aroused your interest?
This is what we explicitly offer you as Amazon Agency Munich

If you are interested in our offer, here you can expect more details about the procedures that we plan together with you and take over for you. Explicitly we offer you:

Amazon Marketplace Management

With self-developed digital tools, we take over the management of your Amazon account professionally and help your company to gain success across Europe. The optimization measures focus at all times on the optimal process with the end customers.
Together with our internal consulting team, which continues to support us with useful tips and tricks, we continuously improve the relevant input factors of your content and campaign strategy. In doing so, we not only review operational metrics and profitability, but also take care of pricing, marketing and work hand in hand with you to further process costs and profit according to your intentions. In addition, we take care of selection expansion and optimization, so that we can offer you well-founded suggestions for possible expansions.

AMZ Campaign Management

Based on analyses of your products and your target group, we create a campaign to promote your brand in the best possible way. After we have worked out the strategy together with you, we take care of the complete execution of it.

Is your Amazon ASIN or Amazon Seller account now locked?

If your ASIN is blocked right now, you have three options for remediation.
You can hire a lawyer to secure the existence of your business. However, this takes weeks to months of time and is the most costly route.
You can apply for reactivation yourself. This is exactly the way that gives sellers the most headaches. Alternatively, you can:
Hire us. As an Amazon agency in Munich, we at Faru are already familiar with Amazon's internal processes and can eliminate such complications in the best possible way.

Your Amazon Launch Strategy

"How a project starts is how it ends". That's why we start off right with you. Getting started selling on Amazon is often complicated by various unexpected obstacles. If you don't know how to overcome these hurdles, it can significantly limit your overall business launch. With our experience, we know exactly how to start a business as an Amazon Seller and we put this know-how to work for you.

Your Amazon Channel and Growth Strategy

As an Amazon agency in Munich, we create a customized concept for you that is adapted to your market environment as well as your processes so that other factors are no longer a problem. These factors include logistics, how well your products are suited for shipping via Amazon, your customer service, the pricing of your products, your brand registration and inventory levels.
For brand owners in particular, the question of the right sales channel on Amazon often arises. Whether vendor, seller or both as a hybrid strategy with the advantages of both worlds is right for you, we are happy to evaluate and work out together with you.
Together with you we will create a strategy to grow your business the way you want.

Strategy talks

We always keep you up to date regarding your Amazon Seller account, so we schedule regular appointments with you to evaluate the last steps together and set the next goals.

Make an appointment

We are happy to be reached by phone at 089 124 136 450 and also by e-mail at We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your advantages when you choose us as your Amazon Agency in Munich

With 40 years of Amazon experience and knowledge of Amazon's internal procedures, we have special access and are familiar with every standard procedure. This allows us to take care of complications even faster, so your business can continue uninterrupted without the headaches.
With our experience, we have completed well over 100 projects and made businesses successful. You will benefit from this interconnectedness, as it can give you easier access to sponsored brands.

We look forward to our joint cooperation in Munich

Whether you already run a business or you want to take off from an idea - we are the professional Amazon agency in Munich at your side. From start-up assistance, growth strategies to the continuation of your business, we are there to help you.

You can learn more about Amazon agency pricing here.

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