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A good product or innovation should sell itself. Unfortunately, it doesn't, which is why we as an Amazon agency ensure the optimal distribution of your products and take care of the growth of your company.

Why do I need an Amazon agency?

Especially the start-up phase of companies on Amazon is often bumpy and can therefore lead to early failure. There are recognizable hurdles in the way and if you are not familiar with them, they cause you headaches.
To prevent this, our full service approach includes launch strategies for your start on the largest online marketplace of our time.

That's why Faru is the right Amazon agency for you

Working with an Amazon agency simplifies many processes, from startup to day-to-day operations. However, finding the right Amazon agency can be just as difficult as facing all the hurdles yourself. Therefore, we would like to limit ourselves to three simple reasons why we will be the best partner at your side.

Customized concepts and strategies

As Amazon Agency Munich, we provide you with many options. However, we do not forget that it is your company. Our suggestions and strategy options are individually tailored to you and we never act without your consent. This ensures that you continue to have the upper hand in your business and we stand by you as a team partner

Everything from one source

We at Faru consist of a larger team, of which different groups have specialized in certain fields of activity. The resulting advantage for you is that you only have to deal with one contact person regarding all your ideas and therefore you don't have to stay in contact with countless agencies and organize in between. We unite all partners, who can be helpful for you, in one Amazon agency, which offers complete full service.

95% rebooking rate

Of course, we can explain in as much detail as possible what sets us apart from our competitors. However, we prefer to leave it at letting our actions speak louder than our words. We can boast a 95 percent rebooking rate. Hopefully, this makes the satisfaction of our customers self-evident.

The services of Faru Amazon agency

Our services cover all fields of Amazon help. With our service we will significantly increase your Amazon performance and with our strategies your business will be many times more successful on Amazon. With a competent team and the necessary know-how we make your entrepreneurial life easier and increase your sales on Amazon. The Faru Amazon Agency consists of these parts:

Content management agency

In the content management service, we increase your page views by an average of 20 percent and the conversion rate is also increased by an average of 10 percent. For this, we create an individual brand store with meaningful websites of your Amazon products, which is optimized with individual images and videos in quality. Everything of course with your agreement and in your interest. It is your company and your product that is in the foreground. We help your products to achieve a higher recognition value and to create a consistent brand identity. This is only possible for us because of the internal networking of the different sectors at Faru.

Amazon Marketing Agency

Especially in the field of Amazon marketing most components come together that lead to success. These include PPC campaigns(Amazon PPC Agency), DSP campaigns and other strategies to be present on the Amazon marketplace. This is also where internal Amazon Advertising, as well as external marketing and Sponsored Brands come into play to help your business grow and gain a position between the big players. In addition, all strategies are optimized at any time so that they generate attention as efficiently as possible and also analyzed so that during the performance the marketing can be further adjusted to it.

Amazon SEO Agency

All our specialist teams work closely together to achieve the best result for you. This is exactly how our Amazon SEO agency delivers its contribution to the success of the overall project. This is less about how the end customer experiences your site, but how Amazon and search engines read and evaluate the site. The art here is to make the text meaningful and well presented to both real people and the website. Our in-house Faru Amazon SEO team is always up to date on the most relevant keywords and works exclusively with the best tools to optimize your online appearance.

Team Error Free

Our troubleshooting experts specialize in dealing with complications with your seller account and blocked ASINs. We are very familiar with Amazons internal procedures and their in-house communication. So we always know exactly what needs to be done to fix all errors as quickly as possible. This team of ours is constantly keeping an eye on making sure that everything can take place smoothly and that your site stays up and running without any complications. The biggest advantage that this team has is simply the experience factor. There are regular errors on Amazon that make business owners scratch their heads on a regular basis. We have already taken on these tasks so many times that it is no longer a headache for us, but has become much more of a routine.

The analysis team

Our analysis team has its fingers in the pie everywhere and evaluates all data in real time, both from your company and from competitors. The effectiveness of our internal teams is checked and we can give you information about the impact of the last steps as soon as possible. Moreover, thanks to this team, you can also contact us at any time and ask for the current status and we will have your answers at hand.

The analysis team

Our analysis team has its fingers in the pie everywhere and evaluates all data in real time, both from your company and from competitors. The effectiveness of our internal teams is checked and we can give you information about the impact of the last steps as soon as possible. Moreover, thanks to this team, you can also contact us at any time and ask for the current status and we will have your answers at hand.

Everything under the roof of a single Amazon agency

As you can see, we cover many fields at the same time. However, so that none of these fields suffers, behind each task sit specially trained teams that harmonize perfectly with the other teams of the other tasks. After working together for a long time, we can coordinate perfectly internally, from which your company will benefit the most. For you, this has the further advantages that you can express all ideas, wishes and concerns to one contact person and we will find solutions internally to deal with them.
With this interconnectedness, we also let our internal teams consult each other further, so that you really get the maximum from us at every step.
In addition, all teams undergo appropriate training to keep up to date and to be able to use and implement this knowledge for them.While this is primarily about expanding professional knowledge, we also attend seminars that improve communication, both internally within the company and in contact with you.

Learn more about our prices here: Amazon Agency Prices

From the idea to Europe-wide success

It doesn't matter if you are already an entrepreneur or on your way to becoming one. Our launch projects are as reliable as our expansion strategies and maintaining day-to-day business. We also make regular analyses of the current position and how the last steps have influenced it. Based on this, we make suggestions regarding further options you may or may not take.
Transparent communication is most important to us. We do not take your project away from you, but we help you so that you have less stress and can focus on your competencies and goals.

Renewed cooperation

If you are satisfied with our work and would like to initiate further projects, you can do the same with us. Whether in parallel or consecutively, we offer you the full range of our services and if we already know each other, we will certainly have more insight into the paths you would like to take. It's not just about a customer-service relationship, it's about real teamwork. We have the experience to help you succeed and are extremely willing to share it with you.

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